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The LOVE and CARE Projects are the long-term programs started from the year 2011, it does not only involve languages teaching and education, but also an emphasis on health and knowledge sharing and training. It is a joint field work with different groups and societies of their expertise in various events, in order to do to our fullest to share our LOVE and CARE to the needy people.

In the past years, we went to many different areas (eg: mountainside and rural village) to reach out to the needy people, we faced lots of challenge, obstacle and the hardest part is the dark side of the human nature. We do cry, troubled and exhausted sometimes, but we tried and will still try our very best to overcome all the difficulty to be a better person. Only when you are a better person then you can do more for the world.

The Love and Care Project@Nepal 2017 will be the upcoming event and we sincerely inviting YOU to join us in promoting kindness and love to all. We believed when we joint more hands together, we can reach out to those needy people and light up a hope for them, for us and for the world. Looking forward to having YOU with us.





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