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Day 3 LOVE and CARE Project @Nepal 2016 爱心与关怀计划@尼泊尔 2016

The journey started at 6 am, I managed to cook instant noodles (spicy type) for everyone. As the weather was cold so I brought the plastic container and aluminium foil bag from my country to keep the food warm.

to be continued………

IMG_5740 S IMG_5758 S IMG_5763 S IMG_5766 S IMG_5775 S IMG_5817 S IMG_5857 S IMG_5862 S IMG_5863 S IMG_5865 S IMG_5866 S IMG_5867 S IMG_5871 S IMG_5877 S IMG_5894 S IMG_5898 S IMG_5900 S IMG_5901 S IMG_5902 S IMG_5903 SSS IMG_5905 S IMG_5908 S IMG_5912 S IMG_5913 S IMG_5914 Ss IMG_5919 S IMG_5920 S IMG_5933 SS IMG_5946 S IMG_5951 S IMG_5952 S IMG_5968 S IMG_5987 S IMG_5993 S IMG_5996 S IMG_5997 S IMG_5998 S


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