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Tze Shun 对此次赈灾/义诊的感想,与大家分享

The review of Tze Shun after the Earthquake Relief/Rebuild Program @Nepal 1/2016. Tze Shun 对此次赈灾/义诊的感想,与大家分享:




It was struggling for me to make up my mind to join the charity treatment in Nepal. I really wanted to learn something new and practise my acupuncture skills, somehow the environment was not as good as my own country. I’m afraid that I couldn’t adapt to the new place. Fortunately, I made a right decision to go along with my juniors, seniors and lecturers and I gained a lot of new experience over there. Throughout the whole charity treatment, I found out that learning is a long and endless journey.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to my lecturers, who had taught me a lot during the practical. Especially when needling certain acupoints that are very effective in curing the pain and soreness on the waist, knee and back. It was a pleasure to follow the experienced physicians to treat the patient, and the methods we used were so useful in relieving their discomfort. Most of the patients had no idea about acupuncture, but they were willing to accept the needles. Although the environment is very worst, the resident are so kind to provide us an indoor shelter, chairs and tables for the treatment. We spent a lot of time to travel to certain rural area and helped the villagers. They are living in poverty, without the knowledge of hygiene and they do a lot of hard works. However, hardships and difficulties do not let them down. Alike from us, they don’t have 24 hours electricity supply, and unlimited network access. But, they are living happily with the principle of simplicity. They have less worries compared to us! We should have learnt their attitude towards life, being determined in facing problems and never give up.

I sincerely hoped that we did helping the residents in curing their pain and sending warmth to them with blankets and socks. I hoped that the residents will stay happily and healthily. If chances are given, I would like to join more meaningful charity trips again in the future. Last but not least. I would like to say thank you to each and everyone of us, who make this trip a successful and memorable one.


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