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(14/1/2016) Earthquake Relief/Rebuild Program @Nepal 1/2016.

On 14/1/2016 the medical check up cum awareness event would be at Jovo Kadhampa Monastery for the monks and nuns.

After the tight schedule on past two days, some of our team mates were not feeling well. Lack of good rest, long hours travelling and cold weather were the main cause of the illness…….. But none of them absent for the event.

The eyes exercise was introduced and hope the monks and nuns could put in effort to have it once a day, in order to reduce the eyesight problem.

Appreciation certificates for volunteers and organizations were given to thanks them of their generous support on this program. Even though H.H. Dromtug Rinpoche could not be present due to his busy schedule, he still make special arrangement for YuYun Rinpoche, AnLe Shi and Mr Liu Xu Yuan to fully support the program.

To arrange an oversea event indeed is not an easy task, to have it continuously would be even tougher. We would not be able to make it for six years without all the partners/ organizations/ volunteers/ donors/ sponsors, lets work together and share our LOVE and CARE to the needy people on and on!


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