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Earthquake Relief/Rebuild Program @Nepal 1/2016 (8-10/1/2016)

Earthquake relief/rebuild program @Nepal 1/2016 (8-10/1/2016)

Mr Leong and I need to get things prepare before hand so must fly to Nepal on 8/1/2016, well……..as usual I didnt get to sleep on the night before, luckily the Korean boy give way to me moved to other row to sit so I can have the entire row to sleep!

Once reached Kathmandu immediately we went to search for blankets, with very limited source indeed very difficult for us to decide what to get……..

10/1/2016 INTI-IU Traditional Chinese Medicine volunteer team suppose to reach at about 7:45pm but when I saw there were so many flight being redirect to other country, really scared me~ finally waited for more than an hour the INTI-IU TCM volunteer team arrived safely.



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