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(11-12/1/2016) Earthquake Relief/Rebuild Program @Nepal 1/2016

The schedule for this trip was really very tide, our planning has changed for many many times just because we wanted to reach out to the needy people up at the mountain area.

Marming is a village in Sindhupalchok District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal. Due to the distance and no accommodation up the mountain so we need to stop over at Bahrabise, a small town about 2 and a half hours travelling distance from Marming. And since we would reach Bahrabise at noon and we didnt like to waste our time there, so we arranged our 1st medical check-up point at Bahrabise.

All of us were new to this small town but with the help from Bhim Tamang, Sujan Sherpa and Sangpo Lama our local volunteers, we managed to take care of about 128 needy people within four hours. Due to the sun setting early and not having enough lighting thats why we need to stop at about 4:30pm

We have Jovo Kadhampa Monastery, Kadhampa International, INTI-IU TCM, Care & Support Association and Nepal local volunteer to form up the team, as translator, the medical team, the coordinator etc. Everyone were doing their best to serve the needy people. The weather is cold but our hearts are warm !



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