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10/9/2015 (Part 1) Nepal Earthquake Relief/Rebuild Program

Dolakha, the mountainous district of Janakpur Zone is situated in the central Development Region of Nepal, also one of the districts worst affected by the earthquake. We need to travel 4 hours to reach there that’s why we set the assembly time at 4:30 am, really very early in the morning~

The weather was a great different compare with Nuwakot district, cooling, fresh air and lots of “mist/cloud” make me felt like we were in the fairy land, I took many pictures on our way to the destination as I wanted to capture the mood and feeling I had then, and wish to come back again and again to help to rebuild their home by getting more sponsor and donor with good planning and the capable manpower.

As we said before, “the hardest area to relief/rebuild would be the villagers’ inner peace and happiness, which many people neglected”. H.E. the 18th Dromtug Rinpoche leading a team of monks and nuns would do their best on this issue. A round of applause for H.E. the 18th Dromtug Rinpoche and the monks and nuns please.


Kadhampa International
Jovo Kadhampa Monastery
Care & Support Association

IMG_3783 S

Assembly early in the morning 4:30 am at Jovo Kadhampa Monastery

IMG_3788 S

At 1st I thought those were morning dew — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3793 S

Then I saw more of those mist/cloud along the way. — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3805 S

Never been so close with the “clouds” — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3804 S

Goats with shelter at the road side — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3812 S

another view — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3814 S

cloudsssss — in Dolakha, Nepal

IMG_3815 S

mountainssssssss — in Dolakha, Nepal

IMG_3827 S

Man at work — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3828 S

“Houses” — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3829 S

“Women’s talk”? — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3832 S

I really don’t know was it a “house” or a “bus stop”? — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3833 S

Still a long way to go — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3844 S

The mist was getting closer and closer to me — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3857 S

mist~ — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3864 S

This kind of house won’t be strong to against the earthquake, right? — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3865 S

Maize decoration — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3870 S

Go go go — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3871 S

Tent with Chinese text…….. — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3877 S

“Goat Stop” by the goats — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3888 S

It liked a painting to me — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3893 S

another scene — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3902 S

Now the real life came into picture — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3915 S

天大地大,可有我容身之处?! — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3920 S

We stop at this point for our breakfast — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3923 S

I dare not to walk down the slope so took a picture for memory — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3940 S

H.E. the 18th Dromtug Rinpoche and the team — with Wong Mahjialan in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3944 S

Our international team formed of people from Nepal, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. — in Dolakha, Nepal.

IMG_3949 S

Happy family — in Dolakha, Nepal.



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