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Nepal Earthquake Relief/Rebuild Program 7/9/2015 (Part 2)

7/9/2015 after Duipipal we rushed to Ballakumari (the arrangement of the transport again break down!!! sigh it’s really beyond my control!!!)

We went to another small town to get our lunch at about 3pm and with the help of the jeep driver, we arranged relief items and transport at there too. when we were on our way to Ballakumari the driver told me no way we can return to Kathmandu on that day, at then then I realized I really over stretch the time for two different location villages, I insisted to get back Kathmandu on the same day.

I finally experience the ” horror” of driving at night on the bumpy “so called road” without street light, and need to go up the hill down the hill, even turn on the front car light still hardly can see the road and the cliff was just few inches away from us. Frankly speaking, I was freak out but couldn’t speak out to anyone besides chanting. I knew the team were hungry but we didn’t have time for it, we must got back to monastery to prepare for the next day event!!!

All these pictures remind me of Impermanence, at that moment I could feel that the death was so close to me which I was not prepared for it. I was so panic and frightened…….. When we reached monastery it was 10pm, total 16 hours for the day. Exhausted!!!

IMG_3324 S

The driver was doing 3 point turn when I took this pix!!! That was the 1st time I felt so frightened cos I saw some video clips on those vehicle dropped down the cliff at Nepal and we were soooooooo close to the cliff~~~

IMG_3325 S

every time we came across these kind of muddy “road”, I prayed hard we won’t get stuck in it — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3362 S

Look at that bridge, this is commonly use to link two hills together — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3371 S

“Houses” after earthquake — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3378 S

sweet corn — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3380 S

We were down the hill and on our way to search for relief items and transport for the Ballakumari village — at Ballakumari, Nepal

IMG_3382 S

River full of rocks…….. — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3388 S

Our 1st meal and it end up the only meal we had for the day! — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3395 S

Managed to get the items and transport from this supplier — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3397 S

On the way to Ballakumari, Nuwakot — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3403 S

scene 1 — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3407 S

scene 2 — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3409 S

finally reached this place, but I can’t read Nepali language so I didnt know the name of the place — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3426 S

Let’s have a group pix with villagers from Ballakumari, Nuwakot — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3429 S

Rice, Oil, Salt, Sancho (medical oil from Nepal) and Blessing card — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3439 S

The 180 degree view on the spot we were giveing the relief items — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3445 S

Children were happy to received blessing from the blessing card — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3448 S

This man couldn’t get the relief items because his name was not in the name list — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3449 S

Getting more and more villagers to come to collect their relief items — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3457 S

Our monks from Jovo Kadhampa Monastery helped in carried the 30kg of rice and giving sancho to villagers — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3464 S

Care & Support Association team calling names of villagers to come to collect the items — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3468 S

Villagers with the relief items — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3469 S

Giving items on the road……..don’t ask me why cos I don’t know too — at Ballakumari, Nepal.




IMG_3477 S

Buddha blessed, Guru Blessed!!! This man lucky enough to get the relief items because we happened to have one set balanced.
My guru heard my praying for this man so miracle happened! — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3479 S

See how happy they were — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3482 S

Didn’t notice their house was up the slope, I wonder how their house look at…….. we didn’t have time to find out, look at the sun, it was getting dark soon and we were still up at the hill, could we get down the hill before sunset? — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3493 S

down from one hill and up to another hill on these kind of “so called road”, no light, no signage, no shop, no people for very long distant, what we saw were cliff, muddy, water out of nowhere, holes on the “road”, forest…….. — at Ballakumari, Nepal.

IMG_3497 S

It was a long night for me, my nerve was so tensed……. — at Ballakumari, Nepal.



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