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Nepal Earthquake Relief/Rebuild Program 2015 (4-6/Sep)

4-6/9/2015 The preparation of the event indeed not an easy task, specially gathered all the information and meeting up people for the final decision within very short time……..

IMG_3034 S

Time to fly, this time my team is purely Nepalese and I~

IMG_3037 S

I never see the airport of Kathmandu so empty, it was always crowded and I had to wait for more than two hours before can get out of it. But now less than half an hour I am done!

food all

Once out from the airport, we rush to the food supplier to search for the food we need and bargain for the price

IMG_3067 S

One my way back to monastery I came across this earthquake victims camp, I can’t imagine how they stay in there

IMG_3069 S

another view of the camp

hillside camp

I head there is another earthquake victims camp at the hill side so we went there to find out what’s the situation and help they need

IMG_3110 S

when I passingby this tent i took this pix, it took less than a second to have the picture taken, but the feeling in this picture stay in my heart for very long time

IMG_3111 S


IMG_3113 S

This little girl seems wondering why are we there and what are we going to do over there at this late hour

IMG_3115 S

We were looking for the person in-charge of this camp to find out the situation they have then

IMG_3116 S

Water supply? Kitchen?

IMG_3118 S

Having meeting with few of the in-charge and many mosquito joined us

IMG_3143 S

Meeting the school principal of my team member, to ask for permission of away for classes

IMG_3146 S

A “new” experience of doing a banner in Nepal. I nearly “vomit blood”!

IMG_3149 S

Meeting with the villagers to know/understand the situation on the village and the road to the village, we can’t do anything if the transportation company refused to go to that village/area

IMG_3167 S

The factory of the medical oil (Nepal product)

IMG_3168 S

I was thinking to enter to the inner part of the factory, but the smell of the medical oil really push me out immediately! SOOOOO strong the smell


These are the friendly people I met during the purchase of the medical oil.



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