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Day 1 and 2 of the Love and Care Project @India 2015

Reached Bangalore on 21/7 late night and the next day 22/7 is the only half day I can show Ms Yap how is M G Road looks like.

Dawa Lama came to pick us to go to Serpom Monastery in late afternoon, by the time we reached Monastery already late at night

IMG_1134 S IMG_1145 S IMG_1147 S IMG_1150 S IMG_1151 S IMG_1160 S IMG_1165 S IMG_1166 S IMG_1167 S IMG_1169 S IMG_1174 S IMG_1176 S IMG_1177 S IMG_1178 S IMG_1180 S IMG_1181 S IMG_1182 S


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