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(21/5) Life in Nepal after 25th April 2015 earthquake

Life in Nepal after 25th April 2015 earthquake (21/5/2015)

A powerful earthquake (a magnitude 7.8 earthquake) struck Nepal and sent tremors through northern India on 25th April 2015, wrecking buildings, injuring hundreds of people and causing more than 8,000 people of death. Then on 12th May 2015 a magnitude 7.3 and a 6.3 magnitude aftershock of the April earthquake.

Life in Nepal is totally not the same as before, we know that many people are concern and wanted to know more about how is life in Nepal now, so we are getting our Nepalese youth member of Care & Support Association to share with us by pictures and or write up in order to serve as a bridge to link the LOVE and CARE from us to them. Stay tuned for more updates.

2015年4月25日尼泊爾發生規模近8级強震,逾8500人死亡,另有14,500多人受傷,有800万人受到地震影响,在5月12日再發生規模近7.3级和6.3级的余震。尼泊爾人民的生活是大大起了变化,好多朋友都表示关心并希望能知道更多尼泊爾境内的最新消息所以我们特别搭起一道桥 – 请尼泊爾籍的国际慈爱协会当地组员通过相片或感言,让我们更清楚明白我们的爱心与关怀能在哪方面给于他们协助与支持。敬请留意不定期的最新讯息。


Finally Bhim contacted me on facebook after 12th May 2015 the second earthquake with a moment magnitude of 7.3. I was very worry for him because after the major earthquake on 25th  April he told me he would be back to his village to be with his family, and  his village is at Sindhupalchok district!

As Bhim is a typical good boy, his commitment to his family, his care to his friend, his responsibility to the volunteer work and his love to the needy people are the key factors, which make us care for him unconditionally.

Bhim shared with us the current situation of his village and he said ” No anyone house stand… ” (means all the houses in his village were destroyed) and they are having very little on food and tent. After hearing from him my heart just sank……..when I saw his present “house” which only formed by broken logs and zinc, I ran out of word to respond him. My next question to him was ” is it dangerous over there?” and his answer was ” Place is not dangerous may be.   But when people wanna go to city  its may dangerous .. Sand slide…. Big big rock coming when raining..” After knowing how dangerous  the journey can be to his village, I became more worried as not many people would dare to take the risk to go to his village and Bhim & his villagers will soon run out of food and the basic needs item!!!

These pictures were taken at Sindhupalchok, V.D.C Marming, Anthali words no:2, It would be most appreciated if anyone out there could give Bhim and the villagers a helping hand as much as possible.

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