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Winners of the Go Beyond the Year 2013 Art Competition

leading towards Singapore’s 50th Anniversary – Go Beyond the Year 2013 Art Competition  

Winners list   得奖者名单


ART  Category Children group  绘画儿童组 

First Prize 冠军:Ng Yun Hui 黄筠惠

Second Prize 亚军:Lim Jun En 林俊恩

Third Prize 季军:Ding Hong Yi 丁虹伊

Merit Award 优秀奖:Teoh Yong Han 张永涵, Lim Kean Jon 林锦泉, Galen Ong Zi Jie 翁子杰


ART  Category Youth group 绘画少年组

First Prize 冠军:Hu Jun Yi 胡君怡

Second Prize 亚军:Christopher Chew 周世成

Third Prize 季军:Zhang Xun 张珣

Merit Award 优秀奖:Amelia Ang Jia Rong 洪嘉镕, Tai Jing Rong 戴靖蓉, Zhang Jie 张捷


ART  Category Adult group 绘画成人组

First Prize 冠军:Lim Kai Jing 林恺静

Second Prize 亚军:Ong Poh Yean 王宝燕

Third Prize 季军:Teo Shih Chin 张诗晶


CALLIGRAPHY  Category Children group 书法儿童组

First Prize 冠军:Soon Da Yu Ryan 孙大宇

Second Prize 亚军:Sebastian Sim Shao Dong 沈哨冬

Third Prize 季军:zhao Chang Xian 赵常贤


CALLIGRAPHY  Category Youth group 书法少年组

First Prize 冠军:Goh Pei Xuan Sharon 吴佩璇

Second Prize 亚军:Wong Yong Tong 黄詠彤

Third Prize 季军:Zhang Yi Qian 张依倩

Merit Award 优秀奖:Cui Yu 崔钰, Jia Song Shan 贾松山, Lee Jia Min Rachael 李嘉敏, Goh Wing En 吴詠恩


CALLIGRAPHY  Category Adult group 书法成人组

First Prize 冠军:Chan Siew Lin 陈笑玲

Second Prize 亚军:Tan Chee Lay 陈志锐

Third Prize 季军:Xie Chen Guang 解晨光

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