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Brief History of Whampoa Ceramic Club

With a full ceramic studio setup, Whampoa Ceramic Club is housed under Whampoa Community Club.  It was initiated in 1996 by a core group of ceramic enthusiasts led by key founder, Mr Lim Hua Choon, who is a full time ceramic artist. The ceramic club was created not only to conduct ceramic courses for residents and the public.  It also serves as a platform for ceramic art exchange amongst local and foreign artists.

Members of the club are invited to participate in local and overseas ceramic exhibitions. Overseas study tour is one of the main activities organised by the club. These tours bring members to countries like Malaysia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, etc. The study tour not only enriches the knowledge and skills of the members, it also serves as an eye-opener for them to immerse themselves in the international ceramic community and to build better bonding amongst them after their return.

In 1998 Whampoa Ceramic Club initiated the first joint exhibition, “Claylink”, with other ceramic clubs of the People’s Association (PA). The exhibition is organized to promote local ceramic art with the intention to build better bonding and understanding between the ceramic clubs of PA.

The Ceramic Club organized a Ceramic Competition for Primary Schools in 2009 and for Secondary and Junior Colleges in 2010.

Whampoa Ceramic Club was also the official partner with the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee in its Cultural & Education Programme in 2010.

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