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Expand Your Hearts and Mind

As many of you know, reading is one of my favorite pastimes and is what fuels me constantly. Here’s one for you.

Expand Your Hearts and Mind

“I would say the main thing to remember is that no matter what you have as your primary commitment in life, try the ancillary things, the extra things that don’t interfere with your major commitment, but that enhance and expand it. These have a tendency to also expand your hearts and your minds to encompass other people, which adds a new dimension to life. So I would say try new things. Don’t restrict your lives. Don’t live encapsulated in a cocoon just with people like you, who speak the same language, or look the same, or sing the same song, or worship the same way, but constantly explore new ideas and new experiences.” – Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States

We will be launching the ‘Training Integrated’ program soon and it will encompass and enhance your learning journey with us. I hope you will also begin to expand your mind to receive and give what you learn. In that way, you enrich yourself and influence in a positive way, the lives of the people you come into contact with.

by: Stanley Tan



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