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小小记者可以报道学校里的情况,或者日常生活中的所见所闻,不用虚构 ,所报道的一切都是真实的,希望所有的小记者们与我们分享,把你们所了解的有趣的事情报导出来。通过参加我们的小记者活动,希望你能训练出敏捷的思维、触觉,和良好的组织能力,从而提升你的写作能力。



A little voice of Afflatus is starting a new initiative called “alv journalist”, and we are inviting you to participate in this venture.

All that is required of you is to report in your own words, what happens in your school, what ever you hear or see daily, any event, activity or competition being held at your school or around you. An example of a competition may be a spelling or math test, how many participated, what level you achieved. An activity might consist of drawing or painting, perhaps making something. Tell us all about it; how did you plan it, what materials you used, how did it look when it was finished, were you pleased with it. An event could be an excursion to the country side or to the Forbidden City, or even an overnight stay somewhere. Write and share with us. There is no cost to you, but a great deal of reward to be gained.

We think you could have great potential, and by joining us, could help train your thoughts, sensations and organizational abilities, as well improve your writing skills. We will provide some seminar or workshop occasionally. Any question do drop us a note at alv@alittlevoice.org

If you are interested in our invitation, just sign below as well as your parent’s signature so that we know you are supported and approval from them.

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