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Mr. Tan Thye Hock

mrtanthyehockTan Thye Hock

Specialises in Regular Script and Running Script.

13 years of experience in Chinese Calligraphy.

Mr. Tan started practising Chinese Calligraphy in early 1995, and was a self-taught artist. With the love that he has developed for Chinese Calligraphy, he applied to be a Certified Trainer with PA in 2001 and began sharing his calligraphy knowledge with his students. Some of the Community Clubs and Centres that he has taught in are Telok Blangah CC, Kreta Ayer CC and Ayer Rajah CC. He also went to local schools to conduct Chinese Calligraphy lessons in Nan Hwa Secondary, Hong Wen Primary and Calligraphy Appreciation Workshops in Nanyang Primary. His recent addition to his love for calligraphy is INSEAD, located beside Ngee Ann Polytechnic. He had a class of 8 Caucasian students learning from his calligraphy experience. Mr. Tan had also participated in several Chinese Calligraphy Competitions, of which one that he remembers vividly was the 2005 全国书法比赛 where he came in second and in 2006 全国书法比赛, he came in first! When asked Mr. Tan the reason that he picked up the skill of Chinese Calligraphy, he just chuckled and replied that it was a form of relaxation for him. It also serves as a purpose to cultivate our inner beauty and a good tool for temper management. Mr. Tan also feels that this is a good retirement leisure activity for him and he strongly enourages the older generation to take this up as their hobby.


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