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郭倩思 Mrs Gladys Tay

GladysTay郭倩思 Mrs Gladys Tay
Gladys Tay is a well-known Singapore dance celebrity. Gladys has won over twenty International Ballroom Dancing/DanceSport Championships titles, including two from England.
She is an international dance adjudicator, coach and choreographer. She has adjudicated at many IDSF DanceSport Championships, including the World Latin Championships, World Standard Championships, World Cup Championships, World Youth Championships, IDSF Glam Slam events and Glam Slam Finals. She is also popular with the local media, appearing on television as judge for the local dance show The Dance Floor.
In 2007, Gladys was awarded the prestigious Coach Recognition Award by the Singapore Sports Council. She is currently the National Coach for the Singapore DanceSport Team and is also a much sought-after choreographer for dance shows and performances. She was the dance consultant, instructor and choreographer behind the movie Dance of the Dragon.
In 2008, Gladys was selected by the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF) to be the head judge of 2008 Eurovision Dance Contest in Glasgow.


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