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郭永秀 Mr. Quek Yong Siu

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Biographical Summary of Quek Yong Siu

Quek Yong Siu, a poet and a composer, is now a lecturer at the Electronics Department (Computer Technology) of the Institute of Technical Education of Singapore. Currently he is also the president of the Association of Composers (Singapore), vice-president of the Chinese Instrumental Music Society, music director and conductor of the Belcanto Philharmonic male choir, committee member of the Singapore Writers Association, Member of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Artistic Resource Panel, Advisor of Ding Xiao Yan Ruan Ensemble and the honorable president of the Fen Yang Gou Clan Association. He is also the guest DJ of the Capital Radio FM 98.5 and Radio Singapore International (RSI).

His published works includes poems collections, namely Palm Lines, the Story of Chopsticks, Moonlight Serenade and Selected Short Poems of Quek Yong Siu, prose collection The Romance of Gecko and music commentary Remnant Rhyme were published.

Mr. Quek’s other artistic activities are composing songs and music, conducting orchestras and photography. He was awarded twice for his music composition in the competition called “Our Songs”. His music composition includes various types of vocal and instrumental music. He was the conductor of the Juexin Orchestra, Red-cross Chinese Orchestra and National Theatre Mixed Orchestra for more than 20 years. He is often invited as a judge for writing competitions and music competitions in Singapore and Overseas.

In 1990, his book – The Story of Chopsticks won the highly commended prize on the Singapore Book Festival in the poetry section. In 2003, he won the “Artistic Excellent Award” granted by the Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS). In 13 Mar 2005, he successfully launched his own concert “Harvest Time” with all the songs composed by him and sung by renowned singers. In Oct 2006, he launched another concert with his own composition in Beijing National Library Concert Hall. These concerts were highly acclaimed and accepted by the local and the foreign music community.

郭永秀,新加坡工艺教育学院电子与电脑科讲师。新加坡知名诗人、音乐工作者。现任新加坡作曲家协会会长、华乐协会副会长、东 艺男声合唱团音乐总监兼指挥、新加坡华乐团艺术咨询团委员、新加坡广播电台音乐节目主持、丁晓燕阮族乐团顾问、作家协会理事、五月诗社理事、锡山文艺中心 理事以及新加坡汾阳郭氏公会名誉会长。历任许多新加坡及外地文艺创作、音乐创作、器乐及声乐比赛评审。

郭君曾任掘新管弦乐团、红十字会华乐团、国 家剧场俱乐部华乐团及国家剧场信托局中西乐队指挥等职。他也擅长作曲,曾两度荣获“我们的歌”  歌曲创作比赛优胜奖。其音乐创作包括中西乐曲如器乐独奏、合奏、舞曲、舞剧以及合唱、独唱曲等。著有诗集《掌纹》、《筷子的故事》、《月光小夜曲》、《郭永秀短诗选》、散文《壁虎之恋》及音乐评论集《余韵》。

1990年8月,郭君以诗集《筷子的故事》,在新加坡政府所主办的两年一度的书籍节中,荣获 诗歌组高度表扬奖。2003年郭君因为音乐创作及推动文教, 获新加坡词曲作家版权协会颁发“ 卓越才艺奖”。2005年3月,他在新加坡成功地举行了一场声乐作品专场音乐会;2006年10月在北京举行了另一场专场音乐会,均获得两地乐坛热烈的反应。


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