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王彩萍 Miss Carol Ong Chai Pheng

carolongchaipheng王彩萍 Miss Carol Ong Chai Pheng

• 从事艺术教学已有二十年经验, 具备各项才艺教学.
• 毕业于南洋艺术学院中国舞蹈教师班, 曾担任小学, 中学, 初级学院的舞蹈教师, 在美国纽约进修舞蹈两年, 学习舞蹈教育(创意肢体),芭蕾,爵士, 现代舞.
• 也从事儿童教育工作, 时常为私人机构, 幼儿学前教育机构, PCF幼儿园编写“音乐律动”教材及培训幼教老师. 目前在幼儿教师协会 (AECES) 和智源教育学院(KLC)担任 (Certificate in Pre-school teaching CPT)”音乐律动” 讲师之一.
• 曾在新加坡女子小学, 莱佛士女子小学, 南洋小学, 英华小学, 公教小学担任演艺班老师, 也策划假期华文文化营.
•目前, 是福建会馆文化艺术团和新传媒(Singapore Media Academy)的演艺班导师.

Carol Ong Chai Pheng

Chai Pheng has been involved in the dance education for 20 years, teaching dance in primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges. She graduated from Nayang Academy of Fine Arts, studying the Teaching of Chinese Dance and furthered her dance education in New York, learning topics such as dance education (creative body language), ballet, jazz and modern dance in the two years she was there. She is often involved in children’s education, designing “Music and Rhythm” teaching materials and giving lessons to pre-schools, PCF kindergartens and private organizations. Currently, she is the lecturer for CPT ( Certificate in Pre-school teaching ) “Music and Rhythm” at AECES and KLC,as well as a Performance instructor at The Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts and Cultural Troupe, and Singapore Media Academy.


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